Lachute, Quebec

The city of Lachute, originally called “the Chute Settlement” by the Americans and Scots from Jericho, Vermont, who colonized it in 1798, was transformed over time with the influence of French Canadians into the city of Lachute we know today. True to the traditions of their homeland, the Scottish Ayers family began constructing the first holes of the Lachute Golf Club in 1923. Twenty years later, pushed by the growing popularity of this noble sport, 13 additional holes were developed along with a second 18-hole course. Stanley Thompson undertook the expansion in 1947-49.

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Lachute Golf Club
355 rue Bethany
Lachute, Quebec
Canada J8H 3X5

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Extent of 'Thompson' Work

Renovation - Design
Renovation done by (architect: Stanley Thompson)
Verification level: Level 3
Howard Watson

Renovation - Construction Supervision
Renovation done by (architect: Stanley Thompson)
Verification level: Possible Involvement
Howard Watson


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